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Celebrate Oshun/Ọ̀ṣun by getting "Oshun's Flow"!  It's Iya Winmilawe's new children's book about our patron Orisa (release 5/11/21)!


See & support the Obatala Grove Project.  We congratulate our Nigerian Ambassador Baba Adeniyi Elebuibon for his excellent work!

Ancestor Elevation Time!  Join us in uplifting Dr./Baba Ade Ofunniyin, our founding Senior Advising Elder, and now ancestor.

Say: Iba se Baba Ade (Ee-bah shay Baba Ah-day)!  Praises to our ancestor Dr. Baba Ade!  Chant this during your libations &/or prayers. 

His 'Celebration of Life' info is below.


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Kwanzaa in the Midlands: Ujima [as part of Catalyst Mbongi Organizations] on 12/28/20. Details here.

Celebration of Life for Dr./Baba Ade Ofunniyin’s on 10/24/20.  Details here.

The Oshun Spa, (conducted remotely due to COVID-19), 5/24/20. Details here.


Kwanzaa in the Midlands: Nia [as part of Catalyst Mbongi Organizations] on 12/30/19. Details here.


Talk, 'The Yoruba Concept of "Ori": Your Head as a Spiritual Gateway', at KIHHD's EXPO, 6/29/19.  Details here.

Charleston African Burial project events April and 5/19.  Click: TV and print for two of many media stories. Details here.


Spirit of Africa Reception, 1/5/19. Details here.


Kwanzaa in the Midlands: Ujima [as part of Catalyst Mbongi Organizations] on 12/28/18.  Details here

Araba Babalawo Awodiran Agboola (of Lagos) Guest Speaker on 3/18/18. See our gallery for details.


Oshun*Ọ̀ṣun Celebration, 9/23/17.  See link for details or see our gallery.            


Ori Workshop on 4/2/17. See link for details or see our gallery.


Ifa Ajoegbe (group gathering) on 10/23/16.  See link for details


Egun, Onile, Iya mi & Ibeji Aborisa Ritual on 9/17/16.  See link for details


Yemoja & Olokun adimu on 9/10/16.  See link for details


‘Destiny’ a film discussion with Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon on 5/13/16.  See link for details


Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon’s first U.S.A. Ifa Initiation on 5/9-12/16.  See link for details

Osun/Oshun Ajoegbe on 3/20/16.  See link for details


Inaugural Egbe Aborisa Celebration, Theme: Osun/Oshun on 1/3/16.  See link for details                                                                                       


Initial planning Ajoegbe on 11/21/15 (at Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant).

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