About Egbe Aborisa

Egbe Aborisa Columbia, SC translates as the Yoruba/Orisa Practitioners’ Association of Columbia, SC.  It is an African spirit culture group that is open to the people of Columbia, South Carolina (and beyond). If you are a local or a local affiliate who’s interested in your African ancestry via the Orisa (Orisha), then this group is for you and yours.  The purpose of this group is for Orisa-interested people to connect through fellowship, veneration, education, and transformation! 

We meet in the name of the Egun (ancestors) and Orisa (Orisha/divinities) to socialize and exchange as a community of Yoruba devotees and supporters.  W
e are a pan-Orisa Yoruba group, recognizing beliefs and practices from Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Cuba, Trinidad, and Brazilian lineages.  We respect and embrace that there are variations in ways of engaging.  Osun (Oshun) is the patron Orisa of Egbe Aborisa (Ore Yeye!  Ore Ye-O!).  We do not entertain any unethical practices, we only welcome iwa pele o (good character).

The People

Iya Dr. Winmilawe (Osun) and her husband Baba Dr. Tejumola (Ifa) are the Founders and Directors (Olori) of Egbe Aborisa Columbia, SC.  Dr. Baba Ade Ofunniyin (Obatala/Ifa/Sango) is a senior advising Egbe elder, Chief Agbalagba. This egbe consists of a few dozen: Olorisa (priests),  Aborisa (practitioners) and Orisa-interested participants.  Families and individuals of all ages of life, and stages of Orisa practice are welcome to our public events (even children and beginners).  Short and long-term volunteers are needed and appreciated!

We accept donations.  Money offered is used for communal purposes, e.g. to rent/buy space, provide refreshments, prepare rituals, dash drummers, gift guest Olorisa, and maintain Orisa for future gatherings. 


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